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These are my arts. Enjoy them, or they might enjoy you.

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I'll fav everything from traditional paintings to artistic nudes to sculptures of other sculptures. I'll prolly even fav you!

My Animations

Saedra Zoax by JazzLizard Little Ghost by JazzLizard
Sarhan and Laurae by JazzLizard Space Vambi Pajamas Animation by JazzLizard
Emmalee Animation by JazzLizard Care to Join Me? by JazzLizard
Cass Flight Suited WiP Anim by JazzLizard Steamtank WiP Animation by JazzLizard
Tireless - Animation by JazzLizard


Added November 9th, 2010 @ 2:31PM
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Mayleth the Waterwife by JazzLizard
Mayleth the Waterwife
Hi guys, turns out I can work 15 hours a day and not die! However, my social life, art productivity and general sanity might suffer. I have had plenty of time to think while working at my wood shop though, and have come up with another universe to sculpt stories in. This one is much more mystic and fantasy based than my others, and Mayleth is simply a minor character in a much larger story.

She's a Waterwife, or mermaid, as they're known on Earth. Since their creation, her kind enjoyed seducing men and women, luring them into deep water, then dragging them under and watching their lungs fill with water. Mayleth however does not follow the traditions of her ancestors and is instead more interested in cooked fish and chilled wine.

More on that later!
Apples in my Caramel! by JazzLizard
Apples in my Caramel!
A drawing done for work, for this fall's seasonal caramel apples display. Originally was going to be a simple female figure, holding apples in her apron and looking peaceful, I went for something a bit more dramatic and ridiculous.

Enjoy! I know the bakery Team Leader (who's department this is for) did.
Null Gravity Tuso by JazzLizard
Null Gravity Tuso
Here we see Tuso Dorese, who seems to have found herself onboard a ship without gravity.

And without shirts, apparently.

She's smart and resourceful enough to fix it, or at least make herself a snack while waiting for it to be fixed by some spider-like robots she keeps in her closet.

More of Tuso:
Tuso Postwork by JazzLizard Tuso Dorese Afloat by JazzLizard Tuso Dorese Character Sheet by JazzLizard

I've got a few more pics of this gal in the works, stay tuned!
Hunter's Oil Bath by JazzLizard
Hunter's Oil Bath
Hunter, having been repaired, restored and recharged by the crew of the exploratory ship Norwegian Dawn enjoys a well-earned oil bath before beginning her duties as shipboard AI and assistant navigator. She received many new components and upgrades by her new crew, but her exterior remained mostly the same, as her skin was easily patched and reprinted by the ships onboard 3D printers. As her databanks contained locations of star systems that had been wiped from all other networked ships and AIs by the Empire during the Fall, her presence onboard the Dawn became an immediately profitable one. Locations of long-dark Imperial Fortress Systems were provided to DUOS (The Democratic Union Of Systems), the new governing body that took over after the Fall of the Empire, and long-lost colony world were reconnected to humanity as a whole. Hunter would serve her twelve person crew well, logging their expedition data and findings, as well as venturing to planets surfaces in their smaller surveying craft from time to time. Being an older 2K model TAI, Hunter was very personable and friendly, as earlier models were built especially to emulate human emotions and self-construct personalities for themselves. She became fast friends with much of her crew, including the ships other AI, an industrial service robot named Rex.

The Picture:
Oil baths are used on robotics and small machines to clean, restore and lubricate moving parts and surfaces. Alani Type 313 smart-oil is lubricants infused with macrites, tiny robots (larger than nanites, though) who guide the oil to places its needed the most, and even assist in preventive maintenance after the machine has been removed from the bath. The bath itself using high-frequency vibrations and a mix of chemical compounds to thoroughly clean and is a staple for most ship-board machine shops and mechanical suites.

They are not recommended for human use.

We last saw Hunter in rather rough condition:
Silver Relic by JazzLizard

Also, an alternate version with more oil-like fluid, instead of transmission-fluid like I've got her in now XD
silver 2A by JazzLizard 

More pictures of Hunter are to come, and as always, enjoy!


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
So yeah. My name is Ben, I'm an illustrator and 3D model maker from Massachusetts. I'm constantly learning and changing, and love Deviantart, even with all of the inherent flaws that come with being a free online community. I will offer advice, critique and trade ideas, but I have little tolerance or patience when it comes to ignorance and stupidity. That's me, this is my page, if you don't like it then you know where the exit is.

I enjoy reporting art-thieves, ToS violators and jerks alike. DA is like a nude beach: we're fine with you showing off your bits, just don't start 'getting it on.' This is a site for art, not pictures of your boner, hardcore porn you drew, or cool pictures you found on google.

If you think rules are here to be broken, have fun running red lights.

Also, if you come to my page and act like an ass, I'm all for making some snarky last-laugh comment and then blocking you.

Anti Art Theft Stamp by ZeiphexArt Theft Stamp by sammichArt theft Stamp by SailorSolar
Anti-Theft Ninja Stamp by sambeesArt Theft Stamp - DeMaulwurfn by Art-FuzzI'll make it simple by Starrphyre

"There is no such thing as innocence through ignorance. If you break the rules because you weren't aware of them, that doesn't make you not guilty. It just makes you an idiot."

Random Deviant
Random Deviation

Current Age: 26
Current Residence: Bostonish
Favourite genre of music: (Good) Metal/Industrial/Techno/Classic Rock
Favourite photographer: The Spysat over my house right...NOW!!!!
Favourite style of art: Digital, 3D, traditional, anything that looks good
Operating System: Windows 7 (MACS SUCK.)
MP3 player of choice: Black Zune, Shell of choice: um...155mm HE
Wallpaper of choice: Some naked chick I drew, prolly.
Skin of choice: YOURS., Favourite cartoon character: Greivous from the CWMS
Personal Quote: "Is it because I'm black?!?"
I'm moving at the beginning of August, and need some extra cash for rent (since I'm moving both my apartment and workshop) so I'm having a bit of a "friends of Jazzlizard" sale on my Etsy shop. My shop is located here:

Enter the coupon code "bananaface" while buying anything from my shop and get 10% off of your whole order. I can also offer free shipping to anyone in Massachusetts on most of my items, although the guitars are still going to need it. I'm open to custom items of all kinds, I'm currently working on Pyramid Head's sword, a working version of one of my guitars, and have made a number of other custom items in the past such as the Scout's Shotgun and bat from TF2, a serrated space-pirate katana, personalized engraved wooden swords and the shield from Okami.

I know this is a shameless plug and all, but I need the cash, and my props are worth it, (I have a 100% customer satisfaction rate after 119 orders) and you want to buy swords from me.

Do it.
  • Listening to: n/a
  • Reading: n/a
  • Watching: Hemlock Grove
  • Playing: n/a
  • Eating: Tortilla Chips & Refried Beans w/Dairy free cheese
  • Drinking: Coffee

Question: Are her breasts "too" big? SFW image, btw. 

166 deviants said No, plenty of women have breasts that big or bigger.
6 deviants said Yes, they're unrealistically big.
3 deviants said Other; comment.


The stupidity of stupid people wil continue to stupidly me.
Sat Oct 11, 2014, 2:43 PM
On the heights all roads are paved with bacon...
Thu May 22, 2014, 3:15 PM
Haters are awesome :D
Mon Jul 1, 2013, 7:59 PM
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thanks for the fav m8
Sat Jan 26, 2013, 3:20 PM
awesome work dude
Fri Jan 25, 2013, 9:44 AM
Thanks! *licks your face*
Wed Jan 23, 2013, 3:14 PM
Happy Birthmas!
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 9:58 AM
Happy bday, pal!
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 5:04 AM
Made with 100% real fruit! [link]
Tue Jan 8, 2013, 8:52 AM


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